.......OUR STORY.......

On a very hot summer day in June, my friend and I were feeling very hot in our office, wearing jeans top (she) and kurti plazzo (me). 

When we saw one of our American friend wearing one cotton dress the same day she was feeling comfortable and light, we realised we need that for daily wear purpose.

When we started using cotton dresses, we felt that they were more comfortable than jeans and kurtis and we did not want to go back to our previous daily clothes.

We also did research and found there were so many dresses available in the market but most of them are made of polyster, which is cheap in price but is not good for health and environment.

Polyster is made from poly fiber which is the most dangerous form of pollution exist in the world today.

Whereas cotton, linen and silk are organic fabrics good for all. We decided to provide this comfortable, futuristic and organic clothing to everyone.

With this purpose in our mind we started building this business with long term vision of providing clothes which are not harmful to anyone.