Which color should I wear? Color psychology you should try!!.

Is there any thing called color psychology? Yes color does effect our mood and then day and then life. Here are some interesting facts: 

  1. If you wanna look attractive and confident- go wear red dress. Red is the most attractive color.
  2. If you want to radiate your energy out in the world- go for white dress.
  3. If you want to absorb your surrounding energies- black dress will work.
  4. Wanna look intelligent, formal, loyal & trustworthy- blue dress will work.
  5. Green is an eye soothing color. It represents nature, freshness & healing.
  6. Purple is a high class color. That's why royals use it most. If you wanna look luxurious, try purple dress.
  7. Bright, happy, sunny and joy is represented by yellow dress.
  8. Pink dress represent sweet, compassion, sincerity and sophistication.

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